• Quality EMS 24/7

    VTRS members dedicate time to provide professional level care to all patients.
  • VTRS Members Train Alongside Carilion Lifeguard

  • VTRS Trains Daily

  • An Entirely Student Run Organization

  • neVer forgeT

  • Staffing all major sporting events

  • VTRS Training with Blacksburg Fire

    VTRS and Blacksburg Fire Department conduct an annual mock DUI accident on campus to educate students on the dangers of drinking and driving.
  • News & Events

    • Freshman Orientation!

      We would like to offer a huge welcome to the incoming freshman class!  For all of the new Hokies attending orientation later this summer, you will be able to f…

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    • Interested in Emergency Medicine?

      The Virginia Tech Rescue Squad is officially accepting online applications for the Spring Semester 2016.  If you are interested in EMS please visit our "Volunt…

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    • VTRS to Attend NCEMSF 2016!

      The Virginia Tech Rescue Squad is organizing and ready to attend the National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference for 2016.  This year's conference is to be h…

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