Event Notification

The Virginia Tech Rescue Squad receives Event Notification Forms on a continuing basis. If your group, organization or department is sponsoring an event that requires Emergency Medical Services on hand (i.e. dances, parties, “after-hours” events, road races, major entertainment events/concerts or events advertised to the non-university public) or one that meets the requirements of the Student Centers and Activities Event Planning Office. Unusually large events or venues may require additional service and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Organizers will be notified of special needs shortly after receipt of the Event Notification Form. Please fill out an Event Notification Form no later than 30 days prior to the event date.  If interested in requesting a standby, please visit our “Event Notification” page.

AED Information

The Virginia Tech Rescue Squad administers the University Public Access AED Program (PAD). In its current state, the program consists of over 150 AEDs placed throughout the Blacksburg campus in highly visible, high pedestrian traffic areas. AEDs have been purchased with support from the Hokie Parents Fund. Once purchased, VTRS maintains the AEDs through regular inspection and replacement of parts. VTRS provides 24/7 response to maintenance requests.  If interested in finding out more about our AEDs on campus, please visit our “AED Information” page.

CPR Outreach

The mission of the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad CPR program is to decrease morbidity and mortality of cardiac arrests by providing accessible American Heart Association CPR classes to the general public and healthcare professionals in the region.  VTRS offers CPR classes throughout the year.  If you are interested in becoming CPR certified, please visit our “CPR Outreach” page for more information.

EMT Course

This class is 154 hours and teaches you the basics about patient assessment and treatment of trauma, allergic reactions, diabetic emergencies, heat/cold emergencies, cardiac emergencies, and more. These courses are offered periodically throughout the year (usually following college semesters) at nearby locations through the Office of EMS. VTRS could get you registered or provide you with course information if you notify us with ample time prior to the class.  If interested in becoming EMT-B certified, please visit our “EMT Course” page.